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Sunny Usenet Review 2024

Sunny Usenet is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a reliable and inexpensive European Usenet provider. A wide range of speed options, unlimited downloads, and excellent security make it easy to see why Sunny Usenet has such a good reputation among regular Usenet subscribers, especially ones based in the EU.


At 4,100 days of retention, Sunny Usenet has some of the best retention rates among providers that don’t have spooling retention. That includes both text and binary posts, so users will have full access to all the potential Usenet content that entails. 

Fortunately, there are no download limits on any of Sunny’s plans, so users will be able to enjoy as many of the billions of articles available on Usenet as they would like.

Speed and Connections

Sunny Usenet has three major packages that you can choose from with potential download speeds of 20 Mbps, 60 Mbps, or unlimited Mbps. We tried all three plans and found each to be effective for regular Usenet activity. In fact, with fiber Internet, we were getting amazing speeds on the Sunny UNL plan, even testing at different times on different days.

Also depending on the package that you choose, you will get between 30 and 40 maximum connections for your account. This allows you to pick the plan that’s going to meet your needs more easily. Moreover, by enabling the “auto renew” feature, you’ll get an additional 20 connections for free, which seems like a good deal to us.


Price really is where Sunny stands out from the competition. They cost a lot less than other providers on both sides of the Atlantic, with plans that start as low as €3,03 a month on the Sunny 20 plan.

Even their best plan, Sunny UNL – 1 Year, clocks in at only €6,23 a month when paid annually. That plan comes with both unlimited speeds and downloads, making it one of the better Usenet values available.

See our Sunny Usenet Plans page for more details.


If there’s a drawback to Sunny Usenet, it’s that the economical, no-frills nature of the provider doesn’t leave a lot of room for bonus features. Quite frankly, the reduced price compared to its peers is the biggest bonus of them all.

That being said, you can count on a few extras. For example, all your connections through Sunny are protected with SSL encryption to keep everyone, even your own Internet provider, from knowing what you’re browsing on Usenet.

The extra 20 connections for turning on autorenew is another nice bonus that you can get without having to spend extra money. It’s also necessary to turn autorenew on if you want to use the 7-day free trial, but we feel that’s pretty fair. Most providers will assume autorenew at the end of a trial. Sunny Usenet actually gets your consent before charging your card.

All in all, Sunny isn’t breaking any new ground in the Usenet sphere. But they are meeting a need for a solid service at a good price, and that’s worth at least considering.

Our Methodology

At BestUsenetReviews, we carefully test every Usenet provider we look at. Among the criteria that we examine to provide the most detailed reviews are retention, download completion, speeds, connections, price, and additional features. We assign scores to each and average those for an overall result.

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