Best European Usenet Providers

Compare Leading Usenet Providers. Find the Best Provider at the Best Price.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on finding the right Usenet provider in Europe! As experts in the Usenet community since its inception, we’re here to help newcomers and veterans navigate this vast network and select the best provider for an optimal Usenet experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Provider:

1. Retention: The duration a provider stores articles on their servers. Opt for higher retention to access older content.
2. Completion: The proportion of articles available on a provider’s servers compared to the total number of articles posted to Usenet.
3. Speed: The rate at which you can download content. Choose faster speeds for large downloads.
4. Security: Seek providers that offer SSL encryption to protect your privacy.
5. Connections: Consider the number of simultaneous connections allowed, as more connections can result in faster downloads.
6. Pricing: Select a plan that suits your usage requirements and budget.
7. Support: A responsive customer support team is essential for addressing any issues that arise.

Top 5 European Usenet Providers



– A Netherlands-based provider with over 5,000 days of retention – that’s over 15 years of Usenet content.
– Unlimited speed and 50 connections on their High-Speed plan.
– Standard SSL encryption to keep you secure.
– Pricing: €6,99/month for the annual plan (save 27%)
– Known for excellent completion rates and award winning customer support.


– Netherlands-based provider offering more than 4,200 days of retention.
– Unlimited speed and 60 connections with their Ultimate plan.
– Includes SSL encryption and VPN service.
– Pricing: €6,67/month for the Ultimate plan (with free VPN). They have lower-priced plans for reduced speeds and fewer connections.
– Renowned for high completion rates and speedy downloads.
– Includes a 30 day money back guarantee



– A US-based provider with an extensive European network.
– Retention exceeding 5,000 days.
– Unlimited speed and up to 100 connections with their secret plan.
– Includes SSL encryption and a VPN service.
– Pricing: from $5.99/mo for their best plan. That’s 70% off.
– Top choice for many users due to high-quality service and excellent completion rates.


– A US-based provider with a robust European presence.
– Over 5,000 days of retention.
– Unique web-based interface for easy searching and downloading without a newsreader.
– SSL encryption and 60 connections on their Big Gig plan.
– Pricing: $7.50/mo for their best plan. This includes unlimited web and NNTP downloads and a VPN!
– Acclaimed for ease of use and direct content access from a web browser.

Sunny Usenet

– Netherlands-based provider with over 2,000 days of retention.
– Up to 40 connections and unlimited speed on their top-tier plan.
– Standard SSL encryption.
– Pricing: Starts at €3,03/month for the Sunny 20 plan and goes up to €6,23/month for the Sunny Unlimited plan.
– Popular choice due to competitive prices and solid performance.

The Choice is Yours

When selecting a Usenet provider, assess your specific needs and choose a provider that best meets your requirements. The providers listed above have a solid reputation within the Usenet community. Don’t hesitate to try multiple providers, as many offer free trials or money-back guarantees. Welcome to the world of Usenet, and enjoy your journey through this vast network of discussions, file-sharing, and collaboration!

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