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Pure Usenet Review 2024

If you’re looking for a solid, inexpensive European Usenet provider, you can’t go wrong with Pure Usenet. You can try their service for 7 days for free and experience all the available features without further restriction. Moreover, unlike some other Netherlands-based providers, you don’t need a Dutch IP address in order to sign up or connect to Pure Usenet’s servers.


Pure Usenet gives users 4,100 days of retention, a fairly high number for a budget provider. It doesn’t have as much as the higher end providers, but Pure makes up for it with an amazing price. It’s important to note as well that this is both binary and text retention, unlike some other providers who will advertise their text retention rate as their rate and quietly hide that it only applies to text posts. 

It’s still quite a bit of retention, above average for a Usenet provider, and certainly worth the price.

Speed and Connections

Pure Usenet uses a tiered speed and connection system, with the lowest plan giving users 20 Mbps and 8 connections, the mid-tier plan giving users 60 Mbps and 12 connections, and the highest level giving users unlimited Mbps and 20 connections.


These aren’t spectacular numbers, but they aren’t bad either. If anything, people with slow or throttled Internet connections can actually benefit from the lower prices, rather than being unable to take advantage of unlimited speeds and high connection numbers. It’s not something that shines about Pure Usenet, but it certainly will get the job done. 


Price is really the feature that most people come to Pure Usenet for. Annual subscriptions start at 3.09€/month, then increase to 4,53€/month for the mid-tier plan, and 5.97€/month for unlimited download speeds on the most expensive plan. Month-to-month payments are 20% more expensive, but if you’re going for a Pure account, you should consider the annual subscription regardless.

See our updated Pure Usenet Pricing and Plans page for details and plan comparisons.


Pure Usenet is a very streamlined provider and doesn’t include a whole lot of bonus features. If it has a target audience, it would be Usenet users who want access to a lot of retention and newsgroups, but don’t want to pay a lot. 


We will say that all connections are protected with SSL security. While this isn’t entirely uncommon, there are still a number of budget providers that don’t encrypt their Usenet connections, so it’s good to see that Pure Usenet makes the effort to protect their customers.


Beyond that, though, Pure is a stripped down Usenet service that will get you good connections with a reasonably high retention rate for an incredible price. It’s not a power player in the industry, but it’s worth signing up for if you want a higher end budget provider with a variety of speed options.

Our Methodology

At BestUsenetReviews, we carefully test every Usenet provider we look at. Among the criteria that we examine to provide the most detailed reviews are retention, download completion, speeds, connections, price, and additional features. We assign scores to each and average those for an overall result.

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