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Top 3 Usenet Providers in the UK


As a seasoned Usenet expert who has been navigating the Usenet landscape since its inception, I understand the importance of reliable Usenet providers. Usenet remains a powerhouse of information sharing, and it’s vital to have access to the best Usenet providers to make the most of this vast repository of data. In this review, we’ll delve into the top Usenet providers available for users in the United Kingdom. Our list includes Eweka as the top choice, followed by TweakNews and EasyNews.



Eweka is a Usenet provider that stands out as the number one choice for Usenet enthusiasts in the UK. Established in 2001, Eweka has a long-standing reputation for its exceptional services and commitment to data retention and high-speed access.

Benefits and Features:

  • Impressive Retention: Eweka boasts an incredible retention rate, ensuring access to historical Usenet posts dating back over a decade.
  • Exceptional Speeds: With a gigabit connection, Eweka provides lightning-fast download speeds, ensuring a smooth and swift Usenet experience.
  • Server Locations: Eweka operates multiple server farms, including one in the UK, ensuring optimal access for UK users.
  • SSL Encryption: Your Usenet activities remain secure and private with SSL encryption.
  • VPN included for added security
  • Newslazer Usenet Reader

Eweka Pricing and Plans:


TweakNews is another noteworthy Usenet provider, offering a reliable service with a strong presence in the UK Usenet community. Established in 2009, TweakNews has continuously improved its services to meet the demands of Usenet users.

Benefits and Features:

  • High Retention: TweakNews provides an extensive Usenet archive, storing data for a long period to allow users access to historical posts.
  • European Servers: TweakNews has servers located in the Netherlands, ensuring excellent access for users in the UK and Europe.
  • Strong Privacy Measures: TweakNews offers free SSL encryption to secure your Usenet activities.
  • Bundled Usenet Clients: Subscribers receive free Usenet client software (UsenetWire) for an enhanced user experience.
  •  VPN included

TweakNews Subscription Plans:


EasyNews has steadily carved its place in the Usenet industry with a focus on providing a user-friendly interface and a straightforward Usenet experience. Established in 1995, EasyNews has evolved with the times to cater to modern Usenet users.

Benefits and Features:

Based in the United States (with servers in Europe) Easynews is a popular Usenet provider known for its user-friendly web interface and robust features.

  • Web-Based Access: EasyNews offers a web-based Usenet experience, eliminating the need for Usenet client software.
  • Fast Web Search: With its proprietary web search feature, EasyNews simplifies the process of finding Usenet content.
  • Unlimited Downloads: EasyNews offers unlimited access with no download limits or speed throttling.
  • Global Server Network: Access EasyNews from the UK and beyond with its extensive server network.

EasyNews Subscription Plans:

Our Conclusion

When it comes to choosing the best Usenet provider in the UK, it’s essential to consider factors such as retention, speed, server locations, and user-friendliness. Eweka, TweakNews, and EasyNews each bring their unique strengths to the table, making them top contenders. While Eweka leads with its impressive retention and speed, TweakNews offers robust privacy features and bundled Usenet clients. EasyNews, on the other hand, stands out for its user-friendly web-based access and fast web search. Your choice depends on your specific needs and preferences, but any of these three providers will ensure a top-notch Usenet experience for users in the UK.

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